Oasis In The Desert Youth T-Shirt

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We took an abstract painting (Oasis in the desert) and turned it into a youth’s t-shirt. This is one of several abstract painting t-shirts we offer.
Using the highest quality materials our products are made on demand in the USA or Europe in a worker friendly environment.
Our youth’s t-shirts come in sizes from XS to L.

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Late in 2015 Bert found himself staggering across a desert in a far away land. He was ill after having little to eat or drink for a seemingly endless amount of time.

He staggered up a sand dune and at first thought what he was seeing was a mirage. In the shimmering heat a beautiful Oasis appeared in the near distance. He couldn’t believe what he saw at first and opened and shut his eyes several times thinking it was a hallucination. It wasn’t. He had found the proverbial oasis in the desert.

Bert summoned up all of the energy he could muster and ran his depleted body down the face of the sand dune. Upon arrival at the edge of the oasis he was greeted by the most beautiful Persian princess one could imagine. She held up a palm to signal for Bert to halt. She announced “Mr Bert Ernie”
“Yes that is me.”
“Explain yourself and that T-shirt you are wearing!”
He looked down at his shirt – it said ‘FIFH. Die for Allah.’ I took quite some time to explain – the Arabian princess eventually began to see that the wild-haired Australian traveler was no threat and offered him sanctuary in the oasis.

Abstract painting oasis in the desert youth t shirt print
Abstract painting oasis in the desert youth t shirt print

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100% polyester
Fabric weight: 4.5 oz./yd2 / 106.7 g/m2

Size and fit

Regular fit
Unisex style


Machine wash, Iron low


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