Alien Jungle #2 Youth T-Shirt

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We took an abstract painting (Alien jungle #2) and turned it into a youth’s t-shirt. This is one of several abstract painting t-shirts we offer.
Using the highest quality materials our products are made on demand in the USA or Europe in a worker friendly environment.
Our youth’s t-shirts come in sizes from XS to L.

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In 2018 Bert got lost again and wandered into an alien jungle. This time it was whilst walking in the forest around Mount Dandenong. Again it was a subtle change in the scenery – the occasional appearance of a brightly colored plant that got Bert curious and made him continue down the path.

The path rounded a corner and a beautiful view was revealed. Before Bert was a clearing with a small lake at its center in what was clearly an alien jungle. Under the purple tinged sunshine several hundred of the local alien creatures were enjoying themselves. A group of what can only be described as iridescent lizard like gorillas had fired up a gas powered barbecue and were standing around drinking cans of beer. There was a group of peach colored feathered seal aliens who were flinging themselves into the lake from a rope suspended from a large overhanging tree. The variety of brightly colored alien mutant creatures was in the dozens.

Bert was having trouble taking in the sheer weirdness of it when a large red colored fish with arms and legs came riding out on a mountain bike from the path on the other side of the lake. Out of fear that Bert was losing his mind he turned and ran as he could back to the safety and normalcy of planet Earth.

Abstract painting alien jungle 2 youth t shirt print
Abstract painting alien jungle 2 youth t shirt print

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100% polyester
Fabric weight: 4.5 oz./yd2 / 106.7 g/m2

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Regular fit
Unisex style


Machine wash, Iron low


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