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We took an abstract painting (Garden of Eden) and turned it into a men’s v-neck t-shirt. This is one of several abstract painting t-shirts we offer.
Using the highest quality materials our products are made on demand in the USA or Europe in a worker friendly environment.
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Bert Ernie is a man who has always lived and will always be alive. He watched the emergence of the cosmos out of a primordial soup of atoms and he also watched the emergence of mankind – Adam and Eve making love in the Garden of Eden.

Bert has depicted the loving embrace of Adam who holds Eve in his arms. They are both totally naked and have just spent many hours making hot, passionate love. They intend to spend many hours more. The reality is that what humans should cherish the most has become a weapon for religious perverts to use to gain power over the weak and fearful.

Unfortunately Christians have come to pervert the very nature of human sexuality with their rules and punishments. The religious elite only seek to obtain power over others and they have used sex as the best weapon. They have burnt people at the stake, crushed their skulls with rocks and locked away for ever those that they believe have committed the original sin.

Bert absolutely rejects all religious belief as literally a mental illness. To believe in an imaginary God is a sign of mental retardation in his humble opinion. He seeks to enlighten people of the true reality of human existence with paintings like Garden of Eden.

Using the highest quality materials our products are made on demand in the USA or Europe in a worker friendly environment.

Abstract painting - Garden of Eden - Men's t-shirt - Print
Abstract painting – Garden of Eden – Men’s t-shirt – Print

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100% polyester (can contain up to 4% elastane)
Fabric weight: 6.13 oz/yd² (208 g/m²)
Four-way stretch fabric that stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains

Size and Fit

Regular fit
True to size


Crew neck
Made on demand in USA


Machine wash, Iron low

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Model is 6 feet (182cm) tall and is wearing a medium sized t-shirt.


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