A medium sized backpack perfect for children.

Colorful Clothing Company makes beautifully colorful medium sized backpacks which are perfect for school children to take their books and laptop to school.

  • The soft, padded mesh material on the back and the black handles make it perfect for daily use or sports activities.
  • Large inside pocket with a separate pocket for a 15” laptop, front pocket with a zipper, and a hidden pocket with zipper on the back of the bag
  • Top zipper has 2 sliders, and there are zipper pullers attached to each slider
  • Silky lining, piped inside hems, and a soft mesh back
  • Padded ergonomic bag straps from polyester with plastic strap regulators
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Our backpacksare artist designed.are ethically produced.

Colorful clothing company produces some of the most beautiful backpacks on the market. They are designed by an artist whose passion is to make the most intense, colorful and chaotic abstract artwork he can. From there they are adapted to fit the unique requirements of the backpack style of design.

Our products are made in various locations around the world utilizing cutting-edge technology, the best materials and by paying our employees a decent wage. Rest assured that our products are made using ethical, honest work-practices. Find out more here.

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