There is just one person behind Colorful Clothing Company.
And that person is Bert Ernie.
He is a crazed lunatic of a man.
He comes into the office all revved up, shouting and making demands of the staff.
Yep he does that.
Despite the fact there are no other staff.
He is the only person in the office.

Yep Colorful Clothing Company is a one man band.

Run by a crazed lunatic.

But he can create some nice art though.

Bert Ernie - Founder of Colorful Clothing Company

Photorealist paintings

Bert has an interesting history as an artist. He has created photorealist paintings which are quite impressive.
But he no longer paints in that style.

Discover the photorealist art of Bert Ernie
It's definitely worth a look

Click on the image to see this particular painting.

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Abstract paintings

Bert Ernie creates some of the most beautifully complex, colorful and totally abstract paintings.

The idea behind the abstract paintings is to imagine what a photograph (if it could be taken) would look like if it were ripped up into a great variety of random shapes and then thrown up in the air to fall randomly back on the image plane. This approach allows for a creativity that is very high. All kinds of forms can be created – from the smallest of paint dots thru to the largest shapes of colour. The actual shapes can also be quite complex and can also blend seamlessly from one to another.

Discover the abstract art of Bert Ernie
It's extremely pleasing to the eye

Click on the image to see this particular painting.

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