Where we make our products

Our products are made in four locations. Depending on what you order and where you order from the products are made in

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Tijuana, Mexico
  • Riga, Latvia
Printful Locations

Who makes our products

Colorful Clothing Company utilize a third party for the manufacture of all the items we sell. That company is Printful. The team at Printful are great partners – they handle every aspect of the business once your order is taken on CCC’s website. They print the material and then cut and sew the products, before shipping them out. Their quality control is extremely good and in the unlikely event something isn’t up to par – they replace it.


Printing our products

There’s a huge advantage with working with a partner like Printful – they use the absolute cutting-edge of technology available in the fashion industry. What this partnership allows is for Printful to take the beautifully colorful Colorful Clothing Company designs and print them using Kornit printers. These Kornit printers are the best available. In addition all of the fabrics are printed with the best quality of ink, onto the best fabric that money can buy.

Printer 4

Cutting and sewing our products

Most of CCC’s products are hand made. This means that the product starts as a white fabric, which gets printed on, and then cut and sewn to create the final product. This technique is used on all of our leggings, dresses, t-shirts, swimwear, beach-bags, backpacks etc. It is all made by hand. It is all made to order.

Cut Sew

Ethical production

Unfortunately the fashion industry is rife with unethical manufacturing. Colorful Clothing Company is proud that the people that manufacture its products are paid a fair wage and work reasonable hours in a safe environment. As a result we can’t offer leggings for $20 like you find in major retail chains. Our leggings sell for quite a bit more. That’s the price you pay for utilizing ethical manufacturing in the fashion industry.

Team Chatsworth