All of Colorful Clothing Company’s products have a limited production run. We make no more than twenty of any item we offer for sale. They’re made on demand, by hand and ethically produced but we have decided to limit their number.

Why? There are a few reasons.

  1. CCC don’t want our products to be ‘common’, we would like it to retain that exclusiveness which comes with limited works of art. Which these are – literally.
  2. Because there will only be twenty of any item, it is unlikely that there will be a customer who will come across someone who is wearing the same dress, t-shirt or pair of leggings.
  3. We don’t expect to sell that many. Let’s be honest CCC is never going to be a big fashion brand. We do like the idea that it could be a great niche manufacturer of awesome colorful designs.

Here’s some of our most popular products